let's absorb

I wonder whether or not my decision to move here was the right call. Cramped spaces, overpopulation, and small but expensive living quarters are some of the gripes. I get air quality warnings from google from time to time, just some of the potential health problems lurking in sight.

I’ve thrown in my application to maybe about 20 job listings and have never interviewed for so many different jobs in my life. The problem with each offer is that I can’t even seem to get half my U.S. salary.

By the end of the day I have to really know what I’m doing all the way on the other side of this planet. Sometimes I forget and it's disconcerting. I’m here to understand a different culture, where my parents come from, what could have been if my parents didn’t immigrate. But of course my situation is not exactly the same as if I were brought up here. People value overseas experience and are curious to see what an American can bring to the table.

Usually I bring a camera whenever I travel, but this is exceptional. In the past I've never used my eyes to see this place. Instead it was always through a monitor or some sort of a viewfinder. It’s like watching a concert while recording it with your phone. You can count the times you rewatch the footage on one hand.