stepping stone

The way I used to sell myself in interviews is that I would be willing to do any role even if it was something I was less interested in. It was clear that this company needed a producer position to handle budgeting and organization or perhaps a project manager to be the liaison between the creative team and the client. These were roles I had no desire to even try. I’m a firm believer that someone who actually likes to do it will do it better than I ever will. If I stay sharp and focused on honing skills that I personally connect with, the job that I receive will be that much more in tune with my interests. To be a PM you have to be well spoken, personable. I can say I can't command that at all times.

I’ve become a lot more selective in what a job requires of me. If it’s not in line with nurturing my long term goal of being a filmmaker, I’m less inclined to accept the position. 

A question came up about why I went into advertising instead of a more creative endeavor. The honest answer is that, it was what was there at the time. A year after graduating college I was referred by a great friend who got me the job. The pay offered was not only handsome for someone aged 24, but anybody who needed an IN has to face the fact that not everything you do is something you like when starting off. Let it be a stepping stone. My experience at the agency was in large, learning to be a professional. Being able to command creativity for a 8 hours a day Monday thru Friday was not natural, but now I've got it.